Friday, 9 October 2020

Zoom meeting with consultant

 For years I have been saying this is the way forward ..and Covid is a cunt but it has pushed stuff along ..I truly believe there will be less missed excuses now.. I have used many over the time.. but even when I am having a bad day I can talk to my doc.. it’s never that I don’t want to speak .. it’s the motivation to get up and go every 6 months or so and see someone .. I am extremely lucky scrub that ..I was put with a doc I didn’t click with.. a younger guy am sure for someone else he would be fine but I just did not connect with him.. and for that reason I missed many appointments.. just didn’t wanna chat to him.. and being a type1 it’s about chatting being honest .. no judgements .. So I met doc partridge years ago.. she put me on the pump after doc Kerr left and I got her vibe ... then for whatever reason I was transferred to kiddo..{soz can’t remember his name} I hated it.. every visit I hated .. felt misunderstood..he didn’t get me.. am quite emotional (no shit} 

Anyway waffle twat ... zoom call.. awesome I looked forward to it .. I can be open ... good or bad... and doc helen puts me at ease telling me to call them whatever I need mental wise .. nearly cried AGAIN.. then the follow up letter comes through and I feel so motivated to attend the next one as my doc recognised the hard work I had put it...

Point being find your ‘soul’ doc as a diabetic you will be seeing them for pretty much the rest of your life ... 

Monday, 23 March 2020

How easy is that

So keeping myself busy doing basic cooking for anyone that wants to cook while we are all stuck at home at the moment..  enjoy