Wednesday, 21 November 2018

What is my role in life what do I bring...

What is my role in life and what do i bring?

I often ask myself these questions ... often maybe... what is my role now..what do i bring to the table... i used to bring a lot... i was a sucseesful restaurant manager..i loved it... late nights... long shifts ..gave it all up.. to work in an office environment on little money... i.e from 35k... down to 11k a year... but i knew i would be ok... I knew I would always bring something to the table... and know my role... i did... i became a team leader in an alien environment ... earned double my salary within a couple of yrs.. always believed in my myself... i got ill... i wanted to change stuff get knowledgable about what i was suffering from.. not a job this time it was personal... i managed to be in meetings with the diabetes nhs England team...with the help of diabetes Uk.. and meet so many amazing people... i went to Parliament all through MY hard work and perseverance ... i have always tried to think .. if you really want it you can do it... i moved to Bournemouth without knowing a soul apart from my sister Matt and the boys... but have made it here..have a life despite all the shite life has dealt me... nothing has been given to me i have fought and worked for everything  I have..

I wouldn’t say the fight is beat out of me... but all i want now is to live a happy life... a stress free life ... no arguments .. no bullshit.. i am happy to shut my mouth... it i love to laff... i love it ...
I feel sick a lot... i vomit.. or shit.. or sweat.. or have pain in my feet.. or cant sleep..
 TBC  Bored of my voice today

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