Sunday, 18 November 2018

Freestyle libre flash tester love it hate the cost of it

So I have been using the freestyle libre for about a year now and I can honestly say I has changed the way I manage my diabetes, no longer having to worry about how many test strips I use.. as you can test as many times a day as you like, I love the arrows that show you if your bloods are stable going down or going up. Means you can predict and manage a your sugars so much better, as you know the finger pricks only give you number. I did lose x2 at the beginning , the positioning of it I put it to far around on my arm, like by the tricep so it was sticking out a bit and caught it in the door  and it came off, so now it’s more near the shoulder, I did lose another through sweat but overall there hasn’t really been any issues.

DOWNSIDE = COST So it costs us £100 per month it’s £50 per tester which lasts for 14days, I am on the insulin pump as well, and when it was announced that it would be available on the NHS I was quite pleased, so My next appointment the doc asked about how I was getting on with it, hoping he would give me one, but was told due to funding it was either the pump or the libre .. well it was a no brainier really so I kept the pump. Hoping that the may change I will push for it again next time.. 

I would recommend this to everyone, you can share the results with others via an app which is great for parents to keep tabs on their kids 

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