Monday, 19 November 2018

Background retinopathy

So had the annual eye check up, results are in background retinopathy , it no big deal I know messages from D.O.C have said they have had it for years and its is no real problem . I was surprised by this result though as my sugars have been good and my HBA1C was 6.5 or 6 I cant remember. I also to like being able to see the results on the day and talk through it with the optician, this time the appointment was in a place called the verwood hub, like a community centre, where there was a sign pointing to a cafe, no one to greet me, and off that x2 rooms with eye screening posters on them, no where to check in to say I am here, while others were ordering a coffee I was wondering what to do, h=when someone called my name, looked around and there was a nurse in one of the door ways. The process was done, I asked to see the photos but she said she couldn’t do it and I would get a letter with the results. Last year I went and it was a different place but I was asked if I had had laser eye surgery as there was a burn spot on my eye, which I hadn’t so was told it could have been through looking at the sun for too long. Which I wouldn’t have known about if I had just been sent a letter, like on this appointment.
Maybe it the NHS`s way of spicing things for for us TYPE 1s you never know where your next appointment will be, in a cafe, in a doctors surgery at an opticians.

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