Thursday, 3 May 2012

Social networking and hospital

I was thinking back to my long stay in hospital 5yrs ago... Although seems like yesterday!!! There was no Facebook or social networking really ... You had your visitor and that was pretty much it unless to was texting someone .. And seem to recall it was a lot stricter then than it has been recently ...
I have been on Facebook not stop posting bits and bobs.. Probably annoying everyone on my news feed.. But it has been great for a few reasons..
Helps keep friends and family updated on how I am my folks live in Birmingham so aren't able to come and see me
Helps pass the time Boredom can be horrible in hospital and you can feel very alone so having conversations on the Internet with your friends and family make you feel they are there
Therapy I think it's good to help vent yourself than keep it all pent up .. And it's always nice to Hear the support from those closet to you ..soo big thumbs up from me for the Internet social networking sites and your hospital stay!!!

The. 1st part of the hospital visit

Well what can I say .... Have had a very interesting few days in hospital ... Firstly on Sunday i had an appointment in the out of hours to see someone at 6 ... Didn't get seen until 6.45 ... Then I was told I needed to be seen by a doctor ... So was taken to a&e where I was told I would be transferred to a ward or something... Ok no problem ... About 8.30 came and Carli and started to wonder why but was taking so long so Carli went to reception and they looked into it ... Yep someone will be coming ... An hour later still no joy ... So we looks over they caught our attention and then after about 20 mins or so someone can over and said well we don't know how long you will be could be another couple of hours... By this time it was nearly 10 pm... I had only eaten some toast all day as I felt poorly .. The receptionist was brilliant she offered me food and gave me a sandwich drink and salad.. And she took us into a relatives holding room which was Warmer and comfy ...
I would like to point out that pretty much all the staff I came across have been so unbelievably friendly and caring.. Even under so much stress and pressure.
We then waited another maybe 20 mins and I was taken to a bed and assessed the time was now about 11pm ...

Monday, 30 April 2012

Bad toe

So as I posted a while back I cut my big toe ... And have looked after it or so i thought ... Until Monday just gone ... It stated to hurt and swelled up ... So rang docs got antibiotics and took them as directed ... 4 times a day ... Sugars were ok ... But didn't seem to be getting much better ... Fri evening sat comes and the pain is pretty bad ... Snd my left foot is changing colour ... Not good ... So before it got any eorse went to the hospital ... And on a Sunday evening ain't the best of ideas but has to be done ... After waiting for 5 hours ... Got checked in and on iv antibiotics ... See even if you follow eat you are told ... You can't always prevent infections ... I ain't no saint but I pretty much followed the book on this one and still ended up here ... And oh how I love hospital beds.... And the quietness ... Especially on the a&e ward !!!! Tbc....