Thursday, 3 May 2012

Social networking and hospital

I was thinking back to my long stay in hospital 5yrs ago... Although seems like yesterday!!! There was no Facebook or social networking really ... You had your visitor and that was pretty much it unless to was texting someone .. And seem to recall it was a lot stricter then than it has been recently ...
I have been on Facebook not stop posting bits and bobs.. Probably annoying everyone on my news feed.. But it has been great for a few reasons..
Helps keep friends and family updated on how I am my folks live in Birmingham so aren't able to come and see me
Helps pass the time Boredom can be horrible in hospital and you can feel very alone so having conversations on the Internet with your friends and family make you feel they are there
Therapy I think it's good to help vent yourself than keep it all pent up .. And it's always nice to Hear the support from those closet to you ..soo big thumbs up from me for the Internet social networking sites and your hospital stay!!!

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