Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lump in my throat .....

I won't lie it's been a tough few months.... Had alot of down days... And when I write this my stomach is feeling bad... But I had this email and makes me feel a bit more motivated to get back in the saddle again ...

Dear Lee,

I wanted to write to thank you.

About a year ago you were posting insulin pump information on the diabetes facebook page. You answered a few questions that I had, and inspired me to continue 'fighting' to get approval for a pump. Well that approval came through at the beginning of this year, and last week I started on the Medtronic Paradigm Veo pump - and it is brilliant!!! It will take a lot of work and patience to get it set up right, but that is work that I am more than willing to do.

I am so pleased that I have this opportunity in my 'diabetic life' - I have been diabetic since 1979 - and I wanted to thank you for your help and inspiration.

I am not even certain that you will see this email. But I really hope you will.

With very best wishes,

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Superb message, I seriously count on updates from you.

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