Monday, 20 February 2012

Have your say

It is not very often that you get to sit in a room with the people that run your life.... Every quarter or so i get invited to a meeting with the top bods in the NHS who have a say in how our diabetes is run..... So have your say.... Let me know your issues and I will put it across !

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Unknown said...

Our 19 year old daughter was dignosed with type 1 diabetes 18months ago, unfortunaately 5 weeks afterwards she began to get alot of pain in her feet.

This was diagnosed as insulin neuritis, which few people seem to understand.

She has been on multiple medications with limited effect.

She rarely sleeps through the night waking herself in pain and shaking.

Recently she has had to leave university due to the pain and inability to walk and remain on her feet.

Since she has been home she found a job she loved and had to give up due to the pain again.

I am really looking for someone who understands this diagnosis and can help - We will take her anywhere.