Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Been a busy boy recently.... But loving every minute....Finally met up with Iris Board who works tirelesy to raise money and awareness for Diabetes, helped out the local shopping centre where Shane was performing .... Then again on Sunday for the summer spectacular , where Shane and many others put on a show to raise money and awareness of TYoe 1 diabetes, I had a little table where I was selling raffle tickets, but also talking to anyone about what pump is all about, medtronic should pay me!!!!! Lol.... But I enjoyed it all.... Met some lovely people, and hopefully answered some questions that only someone with a pump can... Shane is at the B.I.C perfoming on Sunday so helping with that... Finally met Nicky from JDRF and am going to London this thursday on a user involvement type thing advice on their website, anadromous again in July about the branding, and am in London on the 20th I think for an NHS programme board meeting about the new changes in the NHS and how the funding will affect the NHS Diabetes situation... And the photography is going really well too... Oh and had poor roxies lady bits done... Lol... Bless her,,, but at least I dontbhave to worry about little roxies running around....

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