Thursday, 25 February 2010

sugars high sugars low

somedays you cant explain it.... but they go high and low and it makes you feel like a bag of pants!!! which havent been washed for weeks lol!!... gonna lay down.. see if tomorrow will be any better.......
Damn you Pancreas for not working!!!!!!!!!!

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IN the Bournemouth Echo

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Facebook | Life expectancy of a type 1?

Facebook | Life expectancy of a type 1?: "You might also find it interesting to know that For each one per cent reduction in HbA1c…

There is a 12 per cent decrease in fatal and nonfatal stroke
There is a 14 per cent reduction in myocardial infarction (heart attack)
There is a 16 per cent decrease in heart failure
There is a 19 per cent reduction in cataract extractions
There is a 21 per cent reduction for deaths associated with diabetes
There is a 37 per cent reduction for microvascular complications
There is a 43 per cent reduction in amputation or death due to peripheral vascular disease."


All your messages of support and encouragment really does mean so much to me... every email/donation and every comment i get gives me that little boost that i need to make this a success....
those of you that know me understand i need me fix!!!


well....i went.... i saw.... i networked... i left...

Was a good day.. and parliament was beautiful... full of the "right" people to get talking to about what i am doing and want to achieve... although i am still a bit bushed after it all.... the overall feeling was brill... have a few emails to write.. just got to keep up on the momentum now...

oh just had a hypo as well... so feeling a bit yucky... but that will pass in a while... sonj is due today.... but still no baby bless her...

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


erm well.... today is teh day... and erm feeling a little.. well nervous... tummy is going ... got teh journey to London.. and its hissing it down.... gosh i was ok...UNTIL I WOKE UP!!... ok focus... get your point across... be cool... be you!!... oh had the bournemouth echo call today they are running the story....

HERE WE GO.........

Monday, 22 February 2010

email i sent to the local schools

My name is Lee Nevitt. In 2007 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and after lengthy investigation a complication related to it called Neuropathy. My main goal is to try and educate and inform the public of Diabetes and its complications based on my experiences. I am especially passionate about increasing the amount of support for younger people and parents who have children with Diabetes.

I am writing to ask if it would be possible to meet someone to discuss how I could help in your school by doing a talk or holding an awareness event, or if you have any ideas on how you could help raise awareness and possibly help prevent diabetes in young people. I believe that creating awareness with pupils at a young age is key to help preventing the onset in the future.

There are many misconceptions that are associated with diabetes, for example the myth that you get type 1 diabetes by eating too many sweets, the truth is there is still no explanation for type 1 Diabetes and the research is ongoing.

I work closely with Diabetes UK  attending various support groups, and have been invited to attend a Parliamentary Group for diabetes on February 23rd due to a project I have been involved with NHS Diabetes that could help to steer the way forward for the treatment of patients with this condition.  I am also fortunate enough to have a documentary being made about my condition and its complications. I have a blog which I started when I was tirst diagnosed and have been in a men’s health magazine telling my story. I am also aiming to increase awareness via a number of charity events starting with a sponsored wheel chair ride from Hengistbury Head to Sandbanks on June the 19th of which all donations will go towards various diabetes related organisations.

I have been CRB checked but am willing to complete any check that you require. I have a great relationship with Bournemouth Hospital who have also said they would be willing to offer any support.

Please feel free to take a look at my blog:

You can email me on
or contact me by mobile on 07525 419531.

Thank you very much or your time.

Lee Nevitt
66 Seaward Avenue

Busy boy

Diabetes Uk sent off the press release today.. sent off lots of emails to the local schools... going to parliament tomz.... got the girls coming weds to continue with the filming.. Sonj is due to drop on weds as well...

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Dont suffer in silence

Diabetes uk have put together a press release for me for my awareness campain... few little tweaks needed like the headling "wheel chaor bound man" as i aint permanatly in the chair.. just every so often.., as i use my mobility scooter more... but i am going to start a website with my Brothers help... i think i want to broaden the whole dont suffer in silence theme and have it for anyon ewho has a condtion that would benefit from talking and being involved in a group of people.... i was stopped in teh street ny a lady who told me all about her friends son .. who is 7 and is in a wheel chair now... which is pretty much what want to do... work with kids with conditions that give them barriers.... i dont know.... but what i do know is that i dont just want to exist... i want to make a differnce and do something with my life... as teh past few days have proved working is still out of teh question... so i am even more determined to train hard to complete the awareness campain....june the 19th is not the end... its just the begining of it all.......


go the invetation though for tuesday... teh recepetion is being held by Bristol Myers Squibb and AstraZeneca Alliance in Diabetes... going with an open mind but a determinded agenda

up down n side ways....

had a bit of a cold..nothing to serious... my stomach has been playing up but again so unpredictable... thats the thing... as i have always said.. it can comm on so quick and last minutes or even a couple of hours.. i mean yesterday all i had was some soup in teh afternoon and my heart started to race and i felt sick.. but as quick as it comes it also goes... i am very lucky to have people around me that understand... as at the best of times my temper and patience is bad enough ... but when i feel rough then it well just makee me feel even worse.... but i do feel a lucky guy to be surrounded by such support from family and friends x