Friday, 5 February 2010

guess whos going to parliament!

erm MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE lol..... its do to with the commissioning work i have been doing.... check me out....
Oh and the Documentry that is being done with me is having a screening/launch at the cinema as well...

well i did want to raise the profile...

Oh and i am meeting with someone on monday to come up with some ideas on how we can publicise the fund raiser on June the 19th.... as yes irs about making money.. but it is more about getting as much coverage as possible....

happy friday everyone....

Thursday, 4 February 2010


Well... i put my fundraiser on facebook... and have just £100 already... i am very lucky this i know... i did some weights today and went aorund the block on the chair... prob suffer tomz.... but hey......

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Dont suffer in silence

Ok i have decided to give myself something to focus on... raise awareness and get fit to !!... i am going to use my wheel chair and go along the promanade from near hengistbury head to sand banks... its about 20km... so its not going to be easy.. but it wouldnt be a challenge if it was easy would it.... so get donating please and pass it on to friends family... if you think you can help me then please contact me.. i.e raising awareness of it.... i will keep yoi updated with videos of the training...
here we go....

people like me

A peom i came across on my internet travels...

I am not living

I just survive

Trying hard to stay alive

With an illness they call Neuropathy

Which will not usually mean the death of me

The pains and sensations are agony

The smallest draught

Is like fire

My flesh will burn and I will perspire

My feet feel screwed up and very twisted

So normal activities become short listed

With Neuropathy Sleep is hardly ever

As the pain at night is most intense

Which does not seem to make any sense

The body screams in agony as the awful pains wash over me

My muscles spasm my flesh it burns

My legs and feet I cannot feel

I really wish this was not real

The pain it travels up my spine

To my brain like a force gale 9

Surging forcing electric agony

Of course it will not be the death of me

But is this good living I say no but just the same on I go

Up in the morning I look great

Nobody in the world would know my fate

So please remember the word Neuropathy and that out in the world

There are people like me

Monday, 1 February 2010

Queens SQ

Well the appt came up.... and went to London... Hoping to see DR Mathias... the guy who i have been researching for the past few months. Well i saw someone else whos` name escapes me... anyway as i thought it was about me saying what ws wrong... i hd prepared nd revised!!... there are so mny issues i forget them sometimes!!.. so the end result is they want me to go back in july... for week of tests on my autonomic system.. which i dont ,ind.. i do say that i would do anything.. as long as its worthwhile then i will do it....
so six months till the next progress report....
Thanks Jo x