Monday, 20 December 2010

yo yo

3 hypos yesterday.... well i suppose it was my own fault really.. i woke with them to high... so i adjusted... to much... hypos number 1.... then treated that... too much... too high... compensated for that which too much correction.... then later on... didnt do my sums... and put too much in on my rice that o had....
they forget to mention that you need a maths degree when you carb count... well that and the fact i am a brummie dont help much!!1lol

oh a positive note... i have a new addition to the family.. her name is ROXY and she is a 5 month old cross persion/moggy and is beautiful .. i have been wanting a cat for a while and Jo`s mate needed to get rid of her ... so as a xmas prezzie Jo got her for meeee... yes yes i know animals are for life not just for xmas... but anyone who knows me know i am Mr animal man.... and she has bought an extra sparkle to the flat... fluffy is now getting used to her... rather than running around the flat and hiding behind the telly when he 1st looked at her... they had their 1st kiss last night.,... then ROXY gave him a slap around teh face .."how very dare you, what kind of woman do you think i am "... then turns and puts her bum in his face... and fluffy just sat there and looked at me ... i just said "WOMEN" hahaha
who would have thought 2 animals would bring so much fun!!! .. here is to many more comedy moments...

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