Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A very courageous Mother wants to share here story...

I wish I had known how to use Facebook a year ago. I wish I had known you a year ago. Last July 25th, my 21 year old son died of ketoacidosis. He had been type 1 since he was a baby, 8 months old. No problems until he was 17, when he started to suffer from depression. He was given antidepressants, at 19 he was prescribed cymbalta 120mg(look that one up, he should have started off at 30mg).It changed him completely, but thankfully he realised this for himself,and came off them.
He was never admitted as a child to hospital, but in the four years before he died, he was admitted 9 times with DKA. I begged the Mental Health Team and the Diabetes team to keep him in for longer, to support him more, but they refused every time. Thankfully for justice, I kept all the paperwork, and there is now a police investigation. We were supposed to have his inquest a couple of weeks ago, but there was no statement from anyone in the Diabetes team. Something a bit wrong with that when his cause of death was directly down to his diabetes.
I am sorry you have learnt in such a hard way about diabetes problems, but congratulate you on all the work and support you are giving to others. My husband and my elder son also have type 1(my elder son also has Downs Syndrome, and his behaviour sometimes complicates the Diabetes needs), so I watch all diabetes issues with interest, but can'd find the energy to really be interested in life. I am so angry that Rhys was let down by the people who should have helped him.

Dear Lee,
Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday.
Yes, of course you can tell Rhys's story if you think it will help.
Rhys used to take the Diabetes in his stride when he was small. Never had a day off school except for diabetic appointments, until he was about 14, very responsible for himself.
He went to school adventure camps, Diabetes UK holidays, he belonged to a group for brothers and sisters of children with special needs(as his brother has Downs Syndrome), and they went youth hostelling, and several adventure holidays. Only once was there ever a problem with his Diabetes, and that was when he was about 17.
Right until he died,if he was up in the mornings before us, he fed our two dogs and made me tea,he was a really caring person all his life.
Swimming, canoeing, horseriding, paintballing etc, he loved them all.
He just needed support to get through the awful depression, that caused him to harm himself through diet.
You can tell his story wherever you think it may help.


Peony Blaze said...

Bless your heart, Jane.
So very honoured to know you and thank you for sharing Rhys's story with the Diabetes Community.

Anonymous said...

please keep in touch jane,you are not alone,chris nevitt x

A. Lli said...

Hwy doesn’t feel so sad. Everything will be OK very soon. No need to bother.

Mary emma Gibson said...

I don't mean to be insensitive in any way Jane, was wondering....Because of Rhys depression did he have a 'who gives a hoot' attitude towards his diet and insulin. Or was he purposefully trying to hurt himself through neglect of diet and meds? Take care and thanks for sharing.

diabetic neuropathy symptoms said...

It really takes courage and a lot of faith to keep going when one's child is suffering from a disease, much more when he leaves before us. Stay strong.