Friday, 25 June 2010

Spinal Injury ward

through this i have met a truly inspirational lady .. Lindsay Chapman... i met through sending an email asking for a wheelchair to the local sports centre... they put me in contact with local charity called DOTs spoke to lindsay and we hit it off from day one.. she is paraplegic ...from the chest up.... her aim amongst many other things is to develop a wheelchair sports team of some sort.. i am going to a meeting today with her to see what we can do... i went to the ward yesterday to help out and meet some of the patients there.... i wasnt feeling great to be honest sugars are all over the place with this heat.. but .... it kinda put things in perspective meeting and talking to the guys and girls and their families... hopefully do alot more with them and see if we can get this sports team going........

if you can help.. let me know...;

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