Sunday, 9 May 2010


as i was so excited and nervous about the showing i couldnt really eat... ans the forgot to as the butterflies set in ... i ended up having a salad... at about 11pm!!!.. after a few beers to might i add....
I started to feel a bit funny sweating alot.... checked my sugars and yes.. 2.3 ... not good... and it crept up on me too.//.
i wouldnt say there are good and bad hypos ... but there are different types i think anyway...;)
This was a bad one.... hard to explain really.... but it does feel like someone else has taken over your body.. and although in your head you know everything will be ok... logic does not come into play... you dont just need sugar.... you crave it!! expect the people around you to know what to do... they can read your mind cant they!!!!as someone has told me "never asume" lol... when is enough what is too much... they do try and give you guidelines of what to eat.. but everyone is different.. and there are different types of hypos....sometimes it will go quick.. some times not... sometimes four gluco tabs is enough... sometimes 8.. then you have to be prepared for the "hypo hangover" ( i stole that from someone else)... your sugars will then go sky high.... and kinda screws things up for the next 12 hours.. well does me anyway..well

i am lucky enough to have people around me that will put up with my moods..which at the best of times i am a pain in the ass..
Love you Jo..;)

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