Thursday, 8 April 2010

sweet diabetes magazine

Had a lovely email from someone today saying they had read my story and challenge in a magazine called "SWEET"... which is cool in itself... you can buy it in smiths etc.. which i will most likely be doin tomz...;) or later today i should say... but it was the fact i had the email giving me support... as i have had lots of... which keeps me going on the pants days... and makes me feel like there is a point to this all.. when somedays i dont!!... been able to do some more weights today .. feeling stronger been able to eat more... even though it is having an effect on the stomach.. its a tiny price to pay really ... as it dont last long... just over 2 months to go!!!.... the countdown begins...
so for now... its goodnight from him..... and its goodnight from him too ;)

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Northerner said...

Sadly, Sweet has ceased publication and the latest issue is the last. Pity, as it was an excellent magazine, but couldn't get the advertising revenues to support it.