Wednesday, 28 April 2010

suffering a little

things have been going really well... well as good as can be.... but still not really putting weight on.. i have been have fryups and eating as much as i can recently but mhy clothes are still hanging a little... is very frustrating as though who know me understand how i feel about looking so thin.. or feeling it... feeling very tired.. which has impacted on my training for the challenge... legs are very tingly today.. and stomach not too great...sugars have been high recently which has not helped... will be going to see the doc... as this just feel right...i know i have made leaps and bounds in how i cope n deal with this soddin condition... and should be thankful for the good days i have had... which i am... but it does feel like..well.. there you go lee you can have some good days... but hang on.. thats your share for the moment.. we must not let you enjoy yourself too much.. have mind is out playing and running around but my body wont let me do it....

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