Monday, 19 April 2010

even with the pump take a pen!

went to see my best mate play at his first gig on friday... wasnt feeling to great anyway.. but wasnt gonna let man flu stop sugars were a little high.. they wil be fine...erm.... i kept on adjusting my insulin uing correction doses... it was having no affect... it would be 16.. i would add 4 units.. and it was going up... erm beginging to get a little concerned... this happened until about 10 when it hit about 22.... which is at this time i began to panic a little... i wa away from home.. and no spare insulin... i had changed teh day before a was back home the following i thought i would be ok....i began telling a couple of people in teh pub.. just in case.... i mean the next step was hospital time really.. as i could not have gone the night and next day with them so high.. keytones would have set in and well... not good really..... i had my camera bag with me and i suddenly hda a thought that i had out a pen in there for new york.... well the relief... i cant explain... i injected and all was ok... but lesson number one.... the pump is not 100% reliable.....

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