Wednesday, 3 February 2010

people like me

A peom i came across on my internet travels...

I am not living

I just survive

Trying hard to stay alive

With an illness they call Neuropathy

Which will not usually mean the death of me

The pains and sensations are agony

The smallest draught

Is like fire

My flesh will burn and I will perspire

My feet feel screwed up and very twisted

So normal activities become short listed

With Neuropathy Sleep is hardly ever

As the pain at night is most intense

Which does not seem to make any sense

The body screams in agony as the awful pains wash over me

My muscles spasm my flesh it burns

My legs and feet I cannot feel

I really wish this was not real

The pain it travels up my spine

To my brain like a force gale 9

Surging forcing electric agony

Of course it will not be the death of me

But is this good living I say no but just the same on I go

Up in the morning I look great

Nobody in the world would know my fate

So please remember the word Neuropathy and that out in the world

There are people like me


Anonymous said...

When I read your posts it sounds soooo much like my husband he suffering from awful neuropathy and has done for over 10 years, he is now on a naughty dose of oxycodone but wants to come off them as they don't work anymore, but that's another problem in itself coming off painkillers, he is VERY worried what life would be like without them. Your posts are great as when u go to the doctors they really have not got a clue and he has felt like he is going mad as no one believes him and how much pain he is in, they treat him like a junkie who is just looking for painkillers! Last night I slept in minus degree bedroom as he had all the windows open and a fan on his feet to cool them down and stop the burning - u have to laugh at the craziness really!

chezovitch said...

I have neuropathy, I have type two diabetes. but I tell people I am not just a diabetic. I am a person who often isn't well, but also a poet, writer, artist, academic, mother, friend, human being. Good luck with everything you do. I know it isn't easy. You have given me true inspiriation to aspire and achieve ( I get very depressed about it all) so thanks for that. (chezovitch)also on facebook.