Sunday, 21 February 2010

Dont suffer in silence

Diabetes uk have put together a press release for me for my awareness campain... few little tweaks needed like the headling "wheel chaor bound man" as i aint permanatly in the chair.. just every so often.., as i use my mobility scooter more... but i am going to start a website with my Brothers help... i think i want to broaden the whole dont suffer in silence theme and have it for anyon ewho has a condtion that would benefit from talking and being involved in a group of people.... i was stopped in teh street ny a lady who told me all about her friends son .. who is 7 and is in a wheel chair now... which is pretty much what want to do... work with kids with conditions that give them barriers.... i dont know.... but what i do know is that i dont just want to exist... i want to make a differnce and do something with my life... as teh past few days have proved working is still out of teh question... so i am even more determined to train hard to complete the awareness campain....june the 19th is not the end... its just the begining of it all.......

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danruiz said...

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