Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Ok... well... not very well at the mo... had an abcess come up juts below my bum .. had an operation to sort it out... started on thursday... went to hospital sat... op sun.. out monday... so so down at the mo.... its wet and cold and snowy out so cant get out.... this isnt a moan its just as it is... i do try so hard to keep my spirits up... keep busy and occupied... and i am drwing on those good times now... but... this is hard.... so hard.. and it is hard to explain...but the word chin up dont help.. i know all mean well but..... i know i will look back on this and use the experience and say at least i aint that bad... and one of the reasons i started this was as therapy.. more recently it has been used to help others.. which in turn helps me.. if that makes sense... god i am actually talking to myself!!... but people always said i had a screw loose... i surround myself with my photos which take me to the good days... all from the summer!!... i have come to the conclusion that the winter is bad for me as it controls what, where, how i do things... and i hve never been very good t being told what to do... but then i hear corbens feet running upstairs into sonjas bedroom and i can see his out of control hair and cheeky smile.. unk lee!!...... he does make me laff...

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