Friday, 11 September 2009

Dads had his liver transplant

So DAD had the call at the weekend and went in for the op on saturday, all went well me and my sister went back for the week to make sure all was ok... He is doing so well and will be back to his old self in no time..
on a shit note... i have had one of the worst weeks ever with my stomach... so bloated.. has made me very angry and upset this week,,, leaving me feeling so useless... tired... pissed off with being pissed of.... went to see dad and for an hour of the 2 hours i was there i just wanted to be somewhere else... god some days i would do ANYTHING to get ride of cant be much worse... its now.. 12.30 i ate at 6 so for six and a half hours now i hve been bloated, feel sick need to go to the toilet but cant..... i know it wouldnt help but i feel like getting a knife and punching a hole in my stomach to get some relief....heart rate increases.... aggitated,,,,