Monday, 29 June 2009

trigeminal neuralgia

just been given some advice about the glands in my face...

thankyou so much lisa xx this descibes my condition down to a tee!! i will be getting on the case to my doctor 1st thing in the morningx

silent hero


My Mom came to see me twice a day every day for the 6 or so weeks i was in hospital.. and when i went home was my carer.. making sure i ate... helped wash me.. took all the abuse i threw at here.. and that was alot... i have a temper those who know me at the best of times... and now she is doing it all for my dad.. so the past years instead of enjoyinh life she has been looking after us... i love her so much...

Liver transplant

Not sure if i said or not but dad is going to have a liver transplant.. he has had all the tests and is waiting for "the call"... he has such a hard time over the past year or so.. diagnosed with diabetes, neuropathy, and if you know anything about it.. water retention is a big problem.. he has put on about 9 stone!! yes 9 stone in water... imagine that... well he went in today to get it drained off... fingers crossed... he will be fine i know it..

Sunday, 28 June 2009

bad feet

feet really hurt today... only thing i can relate it to is having massive brusing all over your feet.. so hard to walk... ;( but i suppose i had a good day yesterday so you take the rough with the smooth