Thursday, 25 June 2009

I wrote down a list of my issues for when i last talked to my consultant

Issues with my body by Lee Nevitt

I find that when I see a doctor I sometimes forget one of my many issues or cant explain properly what I go through. So please see below a list of my daily problems

Bloating…not able to eat large meals, have to eat small and offen, I.e cous cous, soup, low fibre food nothing stodgy.
My heart rate increases, misses a beat makes me feel nauseous, having to lay down and let it pass.. Having t pass wind to ease the pain, stomach increases in size, bloated..
Sometimes I will be able to go to the toilet and this helps but sometimes it stays there.. Having diahorria or constipation
This is one of the main challenges I have as the inly way to egt over this is to lay down and let it pass
Also not being able to get myself up without holding onto something, feels like I have no stomach muscles, not able to get up off the floor without pushing up or holding onto to something

I have small empties not a clear out so small and often I did self cathatorise for a while but I do not have to do this anymore

Feet pain
This is all the time, I have a constant pain, some days/hours/minutes are worse than others, it realy does sometimes change that quick, one minute I can be fine, the next aftera few steps the pain is unbearable, having to use a walking stick for balance, wheel chair/scooter for longer journeys or when I am out for a perod of time. This affects my sleep, I find moving my feet, walking and massging them helps, and trying to relax.
Burning/electric shocks/ice blocks/sun burn/numb!/ walking on glass/pins and needles/

Mostly at night, but I have to take to towel to bed as I pespire so much, sometimes during the day but mostly at night

When I eat I get a shhotong electric shock type pain in the side of my cheeks when I eat something, once my glands get goung the pain goes.. This is a short VERY sharp pain

Erectile disfunction
Not able to get an erection at all, have tried a viagra and another drug, these have not worked, this affects my personal life.. Not being able t have sex and also mentally HELP!

Sugar levels
My sugars affect the pain I am in, if my sugars are high then the pain is bad.. If I keep my sugars at a consistant level. This helps with the pain

In the daylight somedays are worse than others but I have blurred vision, not beimng able to rad roas signs for example,

pump problem

went out for a drink.. only for my pump to start flashing.. low insulin!! then no insulin.. after a few drinks not a good sign... then trying to change the bloody thing at midnight, drunk!!! erm well wasted a line and got the insulin everywhere.. ahem... the woke up this morning at 4.. with a well stmoach issue!! turtle heads away lol... checked my pump.. and whoopi the bloody battery had died!!... so had to turn the light on and change that... now i am awake... toilet stops now... so tired.. stumbling to the bog... and watching the sun rise... its now 6 and prob stay up now... oh happy days!!


Feeling a little let down by the system really, not sure what i expect to happen....altough my consultant seems good.. i only see him once evry few months.. take the last visit.. i focused on my stomach issues AGAIN!.. so i was told to do a sample.. and the results would be done the following week... well 3/4 weeks lateri had to call my GP who then wrote to my consulant for me to get a letter in the post saying the test was negative and see you next time.. great thanks.. but this stull leaves me with no answer or light at then end of teh tunnel when it comes to my stomach problems... which i have managed over the past few months by my diet... no bread or heavy foods and tryin to eat as light as possible.. but i still get the bad days.. still the comstipation... still the diahorria.. still the sweats, still the palputaions.... oh he did give me a drug that was should have helped with my sweats... yes you guessed.. it didnt i shall wait in anticipation for the next visit... IN NOVEMBER so i can tell him again about my stomach and agaon for another test.. and again for a negative result... dont wanna come across negative but it is what it is... and i have come to terms with the system and doctors.. and the idea of teh doctor knows best and is always right is a thought long out of my head...if you want anything done you have to do it yourself.. research reseacrh research... then check that.. then tell your doc about it.. for nothung to get done!