Thursday, 1 October 2009

World Diabetes Day

I have been trying to get support form my local "support" groups and i use that term very loosely as i received very little support from them. One had suspended their activities until the end of the year, (it is october now) and the other did not know about The world diabetes day campain.. so there aint much hope really is there!!... Surely if one person see`s the Blue lights and is made aware of Diabetes then that is the purpose of it all, educating the younger generation in my mind is key, as for the the two local support groups i have spoken to, if i were a young adult i would not feel motivated to attend these meetings if i thought it was run by my Grandparents.. surely if we are not motivated as diabetics to raise awareness then there aint much hope else where... so this has motivated even more to do something for world diabetes day so i thank you for your negativity .. you have motivated me...

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