Saturday, 3 October 2009


Can you believe that i have found out what type of diabetes and the explanation of why i am so ill now through my story being written about!.. I had never heard of L.A.D.A .. a type 1.5 diabetes... had you?.. this explains why i was so ill for such a long period and didnt need insulin straight away!!.. click on the link to find out more.. believe me i will be doing more research into this... but can you believe o have never been told this????????????...

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typeonepointfive said...

Hi, I just found your blog but though I haven't yet read it in any depth I was very interested to read your story.
I have LADA. Your pre diagnosis experiences bear similarities to mine, though I've been fortunate to (at the moment) only have some background retinopathy as a result of my delayed diagnosis.
I've written about my experience in my blog

I've read many similar stories and others where people have been misdiagnosed. Although almost 20% of those diagnosed with type 2 may have LADA, it is rarely mentioned even on specific diabetes websites. Many GPs have not heard of it and I have read of older people with it being suspected by their docs of malingering, or of being compliant with their treatment.
I had intended to write more in my Blog about it but got sidetracked. Your story has reminded me to get back to my original intention.