Thursday, 24 September 2009

Seen my doc

Went to see my consultant yesterday.. talked about the how there is no support network for neuropathy sufferers.. he gave me a few pointers and has given me more motivation to get something started for people like me..
I also went to see a gastroenterology doc today..i am on 2 diff sets of antibiotics for the next month to see if that can ease the stomach problems.. sometimes when the stomach does not empty properly bacteria grows and adds to the situation... there is a common theme though when i see a consultant...
"its difficult to test for that" or we dont have a test for that" "or there is not much we can do about that"
but i am not giving up just yet anyway!!


Rala said...

Hi Lee. I'm impressed by your story. You've been through a lot! I hope things get better for you. Have you ever tried taking Stabilized R-Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements? I read about a study performed by Mayo Cinic in which, the patients who were given alpha lipoic acid experienced dramatic improvements in symptoms, including a six-point drop in pain levels on a 10-point scale. Here's where you can read more about this: Let me know if this helps.

Ed said...

Hi Lee, Well, I had it at 45 and now I'm 51, and it's about two years I became affected with pain. I was misdiagnosed with pain as like arm pain - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; low back pain - Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, and they still believe and confirm it with MRI and electric conductivity tests. Indeed, after 50 low back MRI never looks good... Fortunately, I'm on morphine, here in US, even though it doesn't cover all pain and I don't want to up it, not to become a dummy.
I have a blog too I wish you be good and take it as easy as one can possibly do.