Friday, 5 September 2008

My daily issues

wanted to write on here what i go thorugh on a daily basis, somwtimes i wish it was a visible disease, but then again if it were it would be the worst kind of disfigurment imaginable!

1. Feel sick every day , more do after i eat, kinda like haveing a hangover everyday
2. Painful feet like having a bruise on teh sole of your feet but x100,
3. pain in the side of my cheek like having an electric shcok every time i eat
$. increased heart rate, missing a beat.. hard to explain but the only way to beat it is to sit it out or lay down
4. hypos if your diabetic youy know,
5. gastrophroisis, constiptated, and diahorria hard to think about having both but it happens, not nice

These are just NORMAL every day issues i have to deal with

oh and then theres my head!!!! how would you cope!!