Wednesday, 14 May 2008

nuclear test!!!

Had to go to the nuclear test lab in selly oak hospital the other day.. sounded bloody scary lol... but basically its all about my stomach.. as you know i have issues with it so i had to eat so egg with some chemical in it.. and some toast and orange juice.. then had like an xray done every 30 mins!!! for about 3 hours!! felt a bit sick n dizzy to start but was ok.....

i dont mind the tests if they are going to help me out.... but not for doing its sake.. if you know what i mean

AT LAST!!!!!!

well i have finally met with a doctor/professor that actually knows about NEUROPATHY... granted i had go to sheffield to see him but it was worth it.. none of this ummmm ahhh.. you know like what the builder does when he comes to do a quote!!

he understood what it was all about.. i am going for a few tests for half a day and he also wants me up there for a week.. so loads of proding and poking ... oh i have missed that!!!

Prof Soloman Tesfaye is his name look him up on the net.....