Friday, 21 November 2008



Have met with another Doctor who had come across with a differnt perpective, i am on a monitor at the moment looking at my bllod sugars for the next 3 days, then looks like i will be going on the pump.. which means no more injetions.. and should help keep my sugars down.. and if they are down it helps with the pain.. so cant be bad...

ohh but having an endoscope next week .. you know the one where they stick a metal tube thinf down your throat!!! grrrrreat!!
taking asmaple thinga s well for celiac disease?? but he talked about my pain killers nd stuff as well and is open to change on that as well which is good news... so fingers crossed maybe a brighter future ahead after all

until next time xx

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Anonymous said...

Fab news, glad things are looking up for you,don't let those doctors forget about you keep on shouting. By the way your photography is fantastic, glad to see you are putting your arty side to good use at last. Lou :-)