Sunday, 24 August 2008



Imade the decison to purchase a wheelchair to help me get out n about more, the pain in my feet was getting too much to walk about for any length of time, so now rather than being out for an hour and feeling grumpy and in pain, i now can stay out for a couple of hours and be ok for the evening as well, i suppose it was more of a pride thing than anything else but once you get over that then it aint to bad, i suppose its about weighing it all up and it has helped so what the hell!!

i also had a call from a consultant in sheffield about my gastrophrosis and they are trialing a drug so i shall be putting myself down for that amd will let you know..

love n farts


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the "B" said...

Dear Clayton:
I am just seeing your blog from your comment on mine...i have not even remotely been through all of your postings yet...but will. Not that I wish this horrible freakin thing on anyone else, but its so nice to connect with someone, anyone, who can relate. Thanks for posting a comment...I will continue reading yours...