Sunday, 13 April 2008

Appointment muck up

had an appoinment to test my guts!! see how it is going on in my intestines and stuff but they sent out the wrong letter, didnt state that i had to not take tramadol 24 hours before and fast the night before!! so not only was i feling pants that i had to go in a car to get there but i now have to come back which screwed me up for the day.. felt sick all day as i travelled in too short a space of time!! so re booked to have the test in a couple of weeks...

see how it goes but it will tell me what i already know ehich is that i have issues with the digestive system.. hopefully hey will be able to help me outy with it by giving me some sort of drug.... nit nice wanting to throw up evry day or after a short car ride!!

oh joy of joys!!1

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