Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Reply from a reader

Hiya mate,

Just thought I’d drop you a quick email.... you don’t me but I’ve just been reading your blog on Diabetes. I can’t say that I can completely understand how you feel about all of this but I can empathise a little.

Back in January 2005 I too was diagnosed with Type 1 at the age of 35.... I’ve always battled with my weight, drank far too much during my time in the RAF and was a heavy smoker.... so I blamed myself completely for it. Once I was under the control of the Consultant at Hospital though, he informed me that it was just a fluke.... these things happen blah blah....

Anyway, almost three later.... things are good.... It took me almost twelve months to feel ‘right’ again. I had the night time hypos, the feeling sh!t all the time.... I can understand how you feel Lee but be assured that it won’t last forever. Once you begin to bring it all under control and your body adjusts to the drugs (and it will take a while), life as a diabetic will get better.... I promise ya!

Anyway... take it easy and have a great Christmas

Best Wishes


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