Friday, 28 December 2007

Get by with a little help from my family and friends

I know i do keep saying it but the support from my family and friends has been amazing... i cant really describe how everyone has supported me, and if you have diabetes or neuropthy you will understand me when i say it is a very lonely disease. Its not like there is a guide to follow which tells you this will happen tomorrow or that will happen... you really do have to live day by day.. cant really make many plans as i dint know how i am going to be the following day and sometimes even in the next hour.. i do seem to be feeling very sick recently before and after meals... am trying to eat smalll and often and not food that is likely to bloat me..which givesme an idea..... i am going to write a small note of my diet for you and what i try and stay away from.. and if you are reading this with the same issues then maybe it will help you too.. if not then its another way of passing the time at this ungodly hour!!

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