Monday, 26 November 2007

Me and my diabetes

(forgive the spalling i wis naver vary gut!!)

3 months ago i was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and have just been discharged from hospital with perifernal neoropathy. Which basicly means my nerves have been affected by the disease some have been severed and some just cut off completley. Not that i am looking back and saying "only if i had done something sooner" but if i had been more aware of the disease i proberly would not be if this situation now.i believe i have had the symtons for about 5 years now,Weight lossalways tireddizzy spellsissues done there if you knpw what i meanrashes/sores on my legspins and needles in my feetneed i go on...... but as a typical bloke i just ignored this and thought it will go away!!!i dont believe that there is enough awarness about the disease even though 180 million peopleworld wide have diabetes. its not about how much sugar you eat that causes the issue, ANYONE can get!!!!normally it is passed through the family but as in my case this is also not true.there are 2 types type 1 insulin controlled daily injectionsType 2 which is usually diagnosed in the later stages of life which is diet controlled through tablets. There is a big differnce between the day consists of constant pain, numb feet, pins and needles in my hands, numb back, stomach problems!! both ends!!!!!! problems with my eyes taking 5 different types of drugs (all precribed of course!) constant visitsto the gp, watching everthing that i eat, making sure that i dont eat to much supary foods that will snd my blood sugar to high and if i do my liver kidneys and various other organs will shut down. Or not having enough insulin or suagr in my body that will send me in to a "hypo" which if not caught in time could send me into a coma and Die!!!!Not that i want to scare anyone nor is this a plea for you to feel sorry for me as for people who know me this is not the case.what i would like to do is make you more aware of the symptoms what to look out for and if you like ahve a look at the link and maybe donate some money, you never know you might help someone you kinow with the disease!next time you feel ANY of the symtoms i hav =e mentioned go check your blood sugars ouy with your Gp or Pharmacy. You never know.................Thanks for your time.......Lee

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