Sunday, 25 November 2007

Me and my diabetes

i am 33 and have been diagnosed with type 1 since may this year.... i say diagnosed becasue i have obviously had it for some time as i have spent the last 3 months in hospital for the docs to finally diagnose me with autonomic neoropathy why it took so long i do not know...i used to live a fairly active life going out every friday living in a flat down south .... but since this i have had to move back with the folks as i cant really function to well by myself.... why well let me give you a little insite to a "normal" day....sometimes i wake in the middle of the night and have to pee in a bottle by my bed a i cant make it to the bathroomi also have to self cathatorise 2 maybe 3 times a day with involves inserting a plastic tube where plastice tubes should not go so i can peewhen i go for a number 2 it usualyy takes me 3 or for times before i get a movemennt and when i do it knocks me for 6 and i have to lie downi have not sensation in my feet, parts of my back and stomah a bit on my face and my hands are tingling and hurt ( the same way my feet were before i lost the feeling its a bit like having sunburn but on a daily basisi can`t get an erection.... the youngest person i know to have viagra prescribed....but not sure when i will actually use it for any real purpose i dont really get out too much....why well my blood pressure has been affected so i cant stand upstraighjt for any long period of time without feeling dizzy and sick (apart of the neoropathy)everytime i eat and i mean evertime i even think about eating as well i have extreme pain in the side of my cheeks as my glands have been affected... think of how your mouth goes when you eat a fizzy cola bottle x that by ten and you have a slight idea of the feelingobvioulsy i am injecting x4 a dayi am on enough drugs to start my own pharmacyi cant walk that well so for long journeys i need a wheel chairdo you have this or know anyone with the same issues... as i could do with speaking to someone who knws what i am going through..i wish i just ahd to deal with my food or injecting but this is just a small part of what u can or cant doso i can answer the question things could be worse by saying... B@;;@CKS CAN THEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lee

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lee, I think you have every right to rant and rave, it is so unfair that you have to suffer like this.
But despair not, I have had severe neuropathy, drop foot, barely able to walk, I used to fall over several times a day, dizzy spells when I tried to stand for any period of time, weakness, stumbling, fainting spells, pain in hands and legs, not feeling my toes, gastroparesis (whatever I ate was just not digested and came up the next day), protein in my urine, visual disturbances, palpitations, high blood pressure, burning, numbness, pain and depression, etc - not exactly a barrel of laughs is it?!
I then went to a rehab clinic that specialises in treatments for people with neurological damage, eg stroke victims, MS, etc - there they put me on a super healthy diet, cutting out anything that is not natural, cut out all transfats, they only allowed butter/goats butter, olive oil and flax seed oil, if they fried something they used lard, they put me on supplements of cinnamon, benfotiamine, garlic and alpha lipoic acid, in addition they worked out a exercise regimen for me, nothing drastic, for the first 3 weeks they were exercises that I could do while lying down or sitting in a chair, and gradually built up to more, I had aromatherapy and water therapy (Kneipp treatments, search this on google) - oh gosh it was hard, but living with all this neuropathy was hard too, I had to at least try and stick swith it. It took some time before I started to see an improvement - today I have none of the neuropathy left, its all gone, I can walk, I cycle, go to the gym and swimming, all no problem -
I went to the clinic because of the neuropathy, but as a very welcome side effect of this alternative treatment it also helped with diabetes/insulin resistance, I dont need medication any more, I am a type 2 diabetic but the treatment that I had for neuropathy was not specifically geared to treat diabetes - I was in the clinic for quite some time, but continued with the treatments at home best as I could.

I know people reading this probably want to tell me to p... off, it sounds hard to stick to such a strict diet and do the water treatments, exercises, etc, and yep, make no mistake it is very, VERY difficult at first and it made me very moody and so angry with myself and the world around me for being in that kind of situation in first place, but it just got easier and I kept focusing on that it might just work, it might just make me feel better, I got to keep on trying, and I know its not much comfort when someone says 'ah it could be worse you know' but in the room next to mine at the clinic was a 22yr old female, she lost both her legs in a car crash and had extensive nerve damage in both her arms, her aim was to strengthen her arms and be able to wheel herself around in that wheelchair and maybe get one day she can get walking aids too. In my darkest moments I thought 'at least I have legs attached, even if they are no good at the moment' - and it did help me to think along those lines, it made me feel humble.

You are still young Lee, you woke up this morning, CONGRATULATIONS, you are breathing, you have another chance. You can try to find a way out of this situation, maybe some of what helped me, can help you too, I dont know, everyone is different, but I think there is a solution out there for every problem and we need to try hard to find it, but never give up hope.
I know when you are ill like this you just feel lonely, abandoned and nobody cares, etc, you are right only someone that has experienced this will truly understand, but even so people do show empathy, I found it hard to accept though, I was just bitter and resentful and then felt guilty for having these thoughts, I remember once when my husband tried to comfort me I blurted out 'why me, why cant it be you', gosh that is how nasty I was because I couldnt cope with things, pretty bad huh?
Just try, really try to think of something positive (people do care in here otherwise nobody would bother reading the post in this forum, they wouldnt bother taking the time to write/respond, and you know its so good to be part of this community, there is always someone here to listen, give advice and comfort, and even with negative sounding, ranting and raving you are helping others, at least we know we are not alone in this, we are not so unusual after all, so thank you for coming in here and writing things as they are, pretty good huh?) and concentrate on that, its a step in the right direction - and oh yes do carry on ranting and raving too, bottling things up would only add extra stress and you dont want to have that on top of everything else.

Ok enough rabbiting on here, I hope I have made some sense, back to my job now while I still have one.

All the best