Friday, 30 November 2007


i had my drugs delivered today .. the pharmacy make up a weekly tray for me and deliver them every month for me which saves alot of hassle opening bottles and stuff i am on about 8 different types.... although i do have enough supply of fortimel drinks to last me a lifetime as whenb i do take themn i feel very bloated and a bit sick so when i am suppose to have about 3 a day i am prob having that a week!!! so if you need any give me shout.. i am sure i can do you a deal lol..i have put on a stone though since i have been released from prison/sorry hospital.... so that is good.. but some of my clothes are also getting s bit tight now....

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diane holdsworth said...

hi :-)

i am curious as to how u have done with the gabapentin. am going to have to start now that my hands are involved so much
my neuropathy follows a flu vacc 3 years ago.
i am concerned about side effects as i also lost half my balance with the vestibular neuritis i also got