Tuesday, 27 November 2007

company sick pay stopping

Work called today after no communication in the past 2 months saying my sick pay will stop at the end of december. not a bad run really as i havent been at work for the past 6 months, not for the want of trying though. dont like having to stay in, someone will be contacting me regarding PHI insurance so i need to look into that and find out more about it, i think i will be able to get upto 50% of my salary. fingers crossed.

i havent looked into c;aiming any beniftsover the past few months but my sisters mate reckons that i would be entitled to some, i suppose that denial wa always an issue not actually telling myself that i am disabled id the makes sense.

oh yeah and having a bad day today sugars aare high which menas my back is on fire my stomsch feels like a felt has been tightened around it and i need to go to the toilet .. not good but nothing new there.

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