Friday, 9 October 2020

Zoom meeting with consultant

 For years I have been saying this is the way forward ..and Covid is a cunt but it has pushed stuff along ..I truly believe there will be less missed excuses now.. I have used many over the time.. but even when I am having a bad day I can talk to my doc.. it’s never that I don’t want to speak .. it’s the motivation to get up and go every 6 months or so and see someone .. I am extremely lucky scrub that ..I was put with a doc I didn’t click with.. a younger guy am sure for someone else he would be fine but I just did not connect with him.. and for that reason I missed many appointments.. just didn’t wanna chat to him.. and being a type1 it’s about chatting being honest .. no judgements .. So I met doc partridge years ago.. she put me on the pump after doc Kerr left and I got her vibe ... then for whatever reason I was transferred to kiddo..{soz can’t remember his name} I hated it.. every visit I hated .. felt misunderstood..he didn’t get me.. am quite emotional (no shit} 

Anyway waffle twat ... zoom call.. awesome I looked forward to it .. I can be open ... good or bad... and doc helen puts me at ease telling me to call them whatever I need mental wise .. nearly cried AGAIN.. then the follow up letter comes through and I feel so motivated to attend the next one as my doc recognised the hard work I had put it...

Point being find your ‘soul’ doc as a diabetic you will be seeing them for pretty much the rest of your life ... 

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Real life diabetic

So... this week .. no scrub that today I have thrown up.. dry throw up... it’s gas... I try and have a play but the pressure from not going has to go somewhere.. outta my mouth..
it wasn’t until recently that I understood how I addicted to tramadol... I haven’t had tramadol for 2 days like on a few other occasions I .. can’t reallt explain... I am all over the place .. I wanna hit ,y head against the wall..I am rubbing my scalp my safe place.... humming ... but it’s tramadol I need...

My wife knows this now we have connected the pain etc... gosh ... as soon as Carli went to the pharmacy picked up the drugs I swallowed them...

I have lay in been till 4 today...not that I have slept all night... I have not...

God lee this is for you.... don’t skip tramadol ... it fucked you up ... you have tried to kid yourself several times now

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

What is my role in life what do I bring...

What is my role in life and what do i bring?

I often ask myself these questions ... often maybe... what is my role now..what do i bring to the table... i used to bring a lot... i was a sucseesful restaurant manager..i loved it... late nights... long shifts ..gave it all up.. to work in an office environment on little money... i.e from 35k... down to 11k a year... but i knew i would be ok... I knew I would always bring something to the table... and know my role... i did... i became a team leader in an alien environment ... earned double my salary within a couple of yrs.. always believed in my myself... i got ill... i wanted to change stuff get knowledgable about what i was suffering from.. not a job this time it was personal... i managed to be in meetings with the diabetes nhs England team...with the help of diabetes Uk.. and meet so many amazing people... i went to Parliament all through MY hard work and perseverance ... i have always tried to think .. if you really want it you can do it... i moved to Bournemouth without knowing a soul apart from my sister Matt and the boys... but have made it here..have a life despite all the shite life has dealt me... nothing has been given to me i have fought and worked for everything  I have..

I wouldn’t say the fight is beat out of me... but all i want now is to live a happy life... a stress free life ... no arguments .. no bullshit.. i am happy to shut my mouth... it i love to laff... i love it ...
I feel sick a lot... i vomit.. or shit.. or sweat.. or have pain in my feet.. or cant sleep..
 TBC  Bored of my voice today

Managed to change my consultant

And so following From previous post, missed my appointment, welll it is true I did miss it, I did expect a reminder letter that never came, could I have chased it up before yes, could I have called yes, was I relieved that the appointment was missed YES. WHY?? I hear no one say but me talking to  me, well I had not got on with Dr Brooke’s Fromm day one really, the 1st time we meet he was expecting someone with out of control sugars as his words said, but one look at my tester and he seemed quite shocked as to the amount of times I was testing and how good they were, in the circs, yes I had previously missed a couple of appointments but this was due to just trying to get on with life and live a little, so all he saw was someone who had missed a few appointments and the last one a pancreas transplant was talked about.

Well we wont be going along that route will we lee, Dr Brooke’s said, erm no whatever you say doc as I was a little embarrassed having missed a few appointments, the main reason for  me really getting back on it was my stomach has pretty much taken control of my life now, either its bowel movements, or throwing up and feeling nausea all day.
Couple of weeks ago in a car journey we had to pull over as I could not hold it in anymore, and yes it can be funny, but when it happens on a regular basis to the point I dread any kind of journey I guess the joke stops. Sitting in the cinema and missing 20 mins of a film as you HAVE to go to the toilet.

Anyway back on track so you see the main motivator about seeing the docs full pelt again, I can control my type1 , week as much as a type1 can, I made it clear that this was my goal with Dr Brooke’s,,, I had to try and explain my whole story over again which I very difficult in the short time frame you have at an appointment , I don’t think he quite understood the story but we met got some blood pressure tabs and went on.

Next appointment i think i had the libre and again went through the whole story again, i was asked to to a test, soz i cant remember it off hand but looked it up after and remember thinking it was something i am sure i had been tested on before. It came across that he had not read my file didn’t know what testes had been completed and was guessing and nt actually knowing if this had been completed before.
I went home and stewed a bit got a bit upset and thought i was just going backwards with everything, i had seen so so many docs consultants around the country and you get to realise that they do not know the answer to it all, but its tough to challenge a doc in a room where you have little time and i get a bit flustered if i am honest.
So long story i know, i also know. Am talking to myself, lee you bellend,  i had a letter today from the hostpial saying when i took the pump out i signed a contract to keep up on appointments and use the pump correctly etc, i get that , and i should have gone for that reason, but i am using the pump and the libre and testing 15 more times everyday correct carb count etc, so it wasn’t that i was hiding anything from them. Just git bored bored and burnt out of it all. So letter says they will stop the pump if I don’t go to net appointment and to have back up supplies of unslung novo and Lantus.

So this the kick up the arse i knew that if i continued to have Dr Brooke’s as my consultant then i would prob miss another and i need too get this sorted, so i spoke to Emma diabetic nurse at the hospital, and explain EVERYTHING so have managed to get back to Dr Partridge hopefully but wont be seeing Dr Brooke’s anymore.. I feel. MASSIVE relief and weight of the shoulders if i am honest. It needed to happen.
Also on that i am starting the process of aging access to my FULL MEDICAL records to see what tests have been completed and what have not, so in future i can help them understand what has been done ,i do understand i am a very small cog in a massive machine .

Monday, 19 November 2018

Background retinopathy

So had the annual eye check up, results are in background retinopathy , it no big deal I know messages from D.O.C have said they have had it for years and its is no real problem . I was surprised by this result though as my sugars have been good and my HBA1C was 6.5 or 6 I cant remember. I also to like being able to see the results on the day and talk through it with the optician, this time the appointment was in a place called the verwood hub, like a community centre, where there was a sign pointing to a cafe, no one to greet me, and off that x2 rooms with eye screening posters on them, no where to check in to say I am here, while others were ordering a coffee I was wondering what to do, h=when someone called my name, looked around and there was a nurse in one of the door ways. The process was done, I asked to see the photos but she said she couldn’t do it and I would get a letter with the results. Last year I went and it was a different place but I was asked if I had had laser eye surgery as there was a burn spot on my eye, which I hadn’t so was told it could have been through looking at the sun for too long. Which I wouldn’t have known about if I had just been sent a letter, like on this appointment.
Maybe it the NHS`s way of spicing things for for us TYPE 1s you never know where your next appointment will be, in a cafe, in a doctors surgery at an opticians.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Freestyle libre flash tester love it hate the cost of it

So I have been using the freestyle libre for about a year now and I can honestly say I has changed the way I manage my diabetes, no longer having to worry about how many test strips I use.. as you can test as many times a day as you like, I love the arrows that show you if your bloods are stable going down or going up. Means you can predict and manage a your sugars so much better, as you know the finger pricks only give you number. I did lose x2 at the beginning , the positioning of it I put it to far around on my arm, like by the tricep so it was sticking out a bit and caught it in the door  and it came off, so now it’s more near the shoulder, I did lose another through sweat but overall there hasn’t really been any issues.

DOWNSIDE = COST So it costs us £100 per month it’s £50 per tester which lasts for 14days, I am on the insulin pump as well, and when it was announced that it would be available on the NHS I was quite pleased, so My next appointment the doc asked about how I was getting on with it, hoping he would give me one, but was told due to funding it was either the pump or the libre .. well it was a no brainier really so I kept the pump. Hoping that the may change I will push for it again next time.. 

I would recommend this to everyone, you can share the results with others via an app which is great for parents to keep tabs on their kids 

Ta ta for a bit 

Saturday, 17 November 2018

CBD oil good bad or just a fad

So am trying CBD oil on it a couple of days now... hard to say if it working ... I was on sativex about 7 yrs ago... cannabis spray ... which worked pain wise... but as a type 1 diabetic ... I made me have the munchies... so it helped the pain... but fudged up the sugars so... although I am curious to all the hype of cannabis being availed now in 2018 when I was using in in 2011/12 I think it was .... so the jury is out...

Ta ta for bit

missed appointment what a plonker

i am such a plonker, i new my diabetic appointment was sometime this month lost the originsl letter but you ususally get a reminder letter telling you when it is... or so i thought so when the whote envelop landed on the door step on friday i assumed it was this. it wasnt it was a letter telling me my next appointment is in may.. FFS what an end!!! i was just getting back on it with seeing them and had it all planned out as to what i wanted to acheive in the meeting. the last one didnt go to plan. i need to get something progressed on my stomach issues and that was my focus on the last one, but i got a bit confused and frustrated i the line the doc was going down, things that if he had read my records the answers are all in there, i.e what tests i had taken etc, so i had it clear in my mind i was gonna rite everything down and control the appointment better. 

Its the year 2018, i have a VR for the playstation, everyone is on the internet, video calls, whats app.. when if or will we ever see these 6 monthly reviews doen over the internet, surely this is being talked about somewhere by someone??... i am all for it if i am honest, lets face it they are hardly the most exciting things to do, especially if you have had an off month before and your bloods have been a bit messy, and you see the doc looking at you and feeling guilty for them not being what is expected. 

i am now on the FREESTYLE LIBRE flash tester, no finger pricks and i can test as much as i like.... although it is £100 a month so not cheap but it is a life changer that is a post it itself so will leave that there.

point being the tech is out there folks lets do these appointments video chat and save everyone time and money 

thoughts on a postcard

ta for a bit

Friday, 16 November 2018

Neuropathy man or fat hairy hillbilly

So i changed the blog name to but i was told by er in doors that it should be more like so life has been going well the past few years !!!!

i haven't written anything of any significance since probably 2012...the blog got shut down for ages to do with some ham/spam shite arse thing's. it took ages to try and get it reinstated through blogger and after it being down for such a time i kinda fell out of the groove of things. i started to do less and less in the diabetic community and tried to live a normal life...
it did looking back also con-inside with me being less interested in going to see my consultant, BUT i did not stop controlling my Type 1 DIABETES.. this i do take great pride in.. My fave consulant after seeing so so so many left to go and on to work in the USA . I was totally disheartened if i am honest,..   (Anyway that is for another time) too much has happened over six years to do in one post. 

one fundamental thing the blog did for me 1st time around was help me mentally .it feels like i am talking to someone about  it all when having a shite day, without boring the crap out of someone else a depressing the shiz outta them everyday, unless some poor sod is actually reading this then soz for the depressing post, or if you can relate to it then you poor sod lol.

so this fathairyhillbilly has had enough of talking to himself for a now,

in a bit F.H.H.B

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

started a new Boxing blog

and so as a massive boxing fan i have decided more for me and my sanity than anything else to pull in all the sites that i visit onto one page/blog/site for ease of use, for me just to click on. i will also be putting my wimpy arse view on how i see a fight, so if you want to take a look please do if not then no biggy thats all folks...
oh fyi... still alive ... still on a pump... still got neuropathy... erm apart from that all is good..

Friday, 5 July 2013

30,000 hits

just reached the 30,000 hits mark on the blog... chuffed to bits...(as my dad would say) x

Monday, 24 June 2013

Diabetes research survey

Had a request from a student doing research into health psychology and diabetes to complete a survey it didnt take long and if it helps somewhere along the line... here is the link if you would like to complete it as well.


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The blog is back!!

the blog has been reinstated ... it had been deleted due to "automatic spam detection bots" from blogger... it was hacked and had a few adverts and stuff put on it.. anyway it is back so you can look at my ugly mug again..xx;)

Friday, 2 November 2012

Movember .... growing a tash to raise money

here is a link you would like to sponsor me to keep growing my thick tash for the month of november....all money going to mens health...

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Great weekend but bad sugars

It's tough sometimes... Had a great weekend seeing the folks ... Has and stu swimming the Bournemouth to boscombe pier swim ... Bit of boxing ... Seeing the boys...
My bloody sugars!!!! So up and down... And highs to me are as bad as when it is low... I have issues with sweating withe the neuropathy ... So if high ... I tend to get a very very sweaty back n front...not nice to see... But not nice to feel... I don't mean a little bead I mean inbred to change my top after an hour of putting on... Very bloated stomach on sat evening after watching the hate fight.. So sleep happened around 4/5 this morning... Then up to see the boys stuart and Jason do the annual Bournemouth to boscombe pier swim.. Although justb before i left I caught the canular ... Thinking I had pulled it out .. So spent the next couple of hours thinking if i was gonna be in keystones or not.. Anyway ... Enough moaning ... Imam boring myself now too...

P.s don't ask me how i am
Feeling lol ... Just say oh lovely weather saves on the ear ache of oh erm well lol .... X:)

Friday, 13 July 2012

One touch verio IQ

Just received another blood tester ... The One Touch Verio IQ ... Quite impressed at fist glance ... Looks good ... Easy to use ... Rechargeable ... Great case ... With post a video later ... And also the cons on the iBG STar tester ... Not as practical as what I had 1st thought ... I have gone through so many testers but always resort back to the one touch ultra which I was 1st given when I was diagnosed 5 yrs ago ... Will this be the one that sends the one touch into retirement !

Sunday, 8 July 2012

My 1st video....searching for an answer... before facebook before the online d life!

male health online magazine
couple of yrs ago this online mag asked for the story.... but is a great site for other issues too....

diabetes power

a site run by my friend Angela... you have to look at the site to see how amazing it is... run by a Mom with a passion to make a difference,,,, when i grow up i want to like Angela!! x

top 10 uk blog sites as voted by cision

check out my and the other top 10 diabetic blogs in the uk...

Trigeminal Neuralgia

The pain in my cheeks when I eat or even just before I eat has a name .. It's called trigeminal neuralgia here is a link to a site that will explain more about it Can be very painful even only for a second or 2 but very frustrating... Need to know more then follow the link x

Diabetic Neuropathy whats it all about hey!: Nursing Course Online Explains LADA

Diabetic Neuropathy whats it all about hey!: Nursing Course Online Explains LADA: Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adulthood (LADA) is related to Type 2 diabetes but has some important differences. When someone takes a nursi...

insulin pump

DVLA guidelines

FYI information on the DVLA guidlines..

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Social networking and hospital

I was thinking back to my long stay in hospital 5yrs ago... Although seems like yesterday!!! There was no Facebook or social networking really ... You had your visitor and that was pretty much it unless to was texting someone .. And seem to recall it was a lot stricter then than it has been recently ...
I have been on Facebook not stop posting bits and bobs.. Probably annoying everyone on my news feed.. But it has been great for a few reasons..
Helps keep friends and family updated on how I am my folks live in Birmingham so aren't able to come and see me
Helps pass the time Boredom can be horrible in hospital and you can feel very alone so having conversations on the Internet with your friends and family make you feel they are there
Therapy I think it's good to help vent yourself than keep it all pent up .. And it's always nice to Hear the support from those closet to you ..soo big thumbs up from me for the Internet social networking sites and your hospital stay!!!

The. 1st part of the hospital visit

Well what can I say .... Have had a very interesting few days in hospital ... Firstly on Sunday i had an appointment in the out of hours to see someone at 6 ... Didn't get seen until 6.45 ... Then I was told I needed to be seen by a doctor ... So was taken to a&e where I was told I would be transferred to a ward or something... Ok no problem ... About 8.30 came and Carli and started to wonder why but was taking so long so Carli went to reception and they looked into it ... Yep someone will be coming ... An hour later still no joy ... So we looks over they caught our attention and then after about 20 mins or so someone can over and said well we don't know how long you will be could be another couple of hours... By this time it was nearly 10 pm... I had only eaten some toast all day as I felt poorly .. The receptionist was brilliant she offered me food and gave me a sandwich drink and salad.. And she took us into a relatives holding room which was Warmer and comfy ...
I would like to point out that pretty much all the staff I came across have been so unbelievably friendly and caring.. Even under so much stress and pressure.
We then waited another maybe 20 mins and I was taken to a bed and assessed the time was now about 11pm ...

Monday, 30 April 2012

Bad toe

So as I posted a while back I cut my big toe ... And have looked after it or so i thought ... Until Monday just gone ... It stated to hurt and swelled up ... So rang docs got antibiotics and took them as directed ... 4 times a day ... Sugars were ok ... But didn't seem to be getting much better ... Fri evening sat comes and the pain is pretty bad ... Snd my left foot is changing colour ... Not good ... So before it got any eorse went to the hospital ... And on a Sunday evening ain't the best of ideas but has to be done ... After waiting for 5 hours ... Got checked in and on iv antibiotics ... See even if you follow eat you are told ... You can't always prevent infections ... I ain't no saint but I pretty much followed the book on this one and still ended up here ... And oh how I love hospital beds.... And the quietness ... Especially on the a&e ward !!!! Tbc....

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lump in my throat .....

I won't lie it's been a tough few months.... Had alot of down days... And when I write this my stomach is feeling bad... But I had this email and makes me feel a bit more motivated to get back in the saddle again ...

Dear Lee,

I wanted to write to thank you.

About a year ago you were posting insulin pump information on the diabetes facebook page. You answered a few questions that I had, and inspired me to continue 'fighting' to get approval for a pump. Well that approval came through at the beginning of this year, and last week I started on the Medtronic Paradigm Veo pump - and it is brilliant!!! It will take a lot of work and patience to get it set up right, but that is work that I am more than willing to do.

I am so pleased that I have this opportunity in my 'diabetic life' - I have been diabetic since 1979 - and I wanted to thank you for your help and inspiration.

I am not even certain that you will see this email. But I really hope you will.

With very best wishes,

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My sis

When we were kids we would argue like cat n dog ... But as I know now mostly it was down to me... As the short tempered guy person I am... But she was always there for me .... She will always tell it to me straight .... As I will her... She put me up ... Gave me money ... Never judged me... Questioned sister and Matt have always been there for me and us all....
I love the boys like they are my own...and would do anything for them..

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Pump issues

So I cut my toe last night, now is the time to keep my sugars in check... So I wake this morning feeling bad and they are 24!!! ... Wtf... So I bolus ... And here the beep no delivery after just 0.2 of a unit ... After several attempts still says the same thing ... Panic... Rewind it prime it ... Phew all seems ok... Lay down and fall back to sleep ... Wake and sugars still 20 .... Oh dear.... Same beeps and non delivery... So time to call hospital .... They tell me to call Medtronic ... Who after a few questions realised what the problem was... I changed the vile a couple of days ago but took a shower straight away .... And the new sight came loose so I put the line into the old site....
Basically it wasn't the pump it was me ...I should have made a fresh site not use the old one ....
So feeling crappy as they have been so high ...
Not the best of days...

heads shoulders feet n toes

just cut mt big toe.... now normally... there is no issue..... normally you feel it.... normally you dont have little panic thinking.... oh am gonna loose my toe!!!!...drama queen hell yes...... could it happen ... hell somtimes its ok to be a little bit of a a drama queen..... dont you think???....

Friday, 24 February 2012


Sometimes I feel like I want to rip my stomach out .... Not been a good day !!!!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Have your say

It is not very often that you get to sit in a room with the people that run your life.... Every quarter or so i get invited to a meeting with the top bods in the NHS who have a say in how our diabetes is run..... So have your say.... Let me know your issues and I will put it across !

Duchess of Cornwall raises the profile of type 1

Please follow the link above .... Great exposure ...